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Fundamental to bringing people together
is nurturing and happiness with every sip.

The seed of Borinquen Kombucha was planted the moment owner Heriberto Renta, then a college student in his last semester of culinary school, took his first sip of kombucha. Never a fan of soda and all the bad side effects that come with drinking it, Heriberto immediately fell in love with the refreshing and bubbly taste of kombucha. He was excited when he learned about all of the health benefits kombucha has to offer.

Introduced to the world of kombucha brewing by his then culinary professor Jess, Heriberto immediately began brewing his own kombucha at home. During this initial period, Heriberto would bring his kombucha concoctions to school and have his fellow students and culinary professors Chef Jess and Chef Kat taste test them, and give their honest feedback. It was through this process that the recipes and flavors that Borinquen Kombucha is known for were developed. Through tireless trial and error, Heriberto has created an outstanding line of kombucha drinks that are loved by adults and children alike.

During this process, Heriberto has learned to always keep an open mind and to think outside of the box. He is a firm believer that no one is self made, and he holds great appreciation for those who have helped him along the way.

“I love the idea of making something that not only can bring people together but bring them happiness with every sip. Through my time in culinary school and now as a brewer, I have gained an intense sense for nurturing people.”

-Heriberto Renta